“This man (Gareth Somers) does not understand anything below the level of exacting standards, high quality and all-consuming passion. For these reasons alone, his new acting school will be worth checking out. Launching soon in Manchester ” Ria Keen, (voice coach)


“Being taught acting from you is simultaneously terrifying (in the best possible way) and exhilarating. I'm a little jealous of your prospective students.”Michael Israel Jarvis (writer)


“Gareth allows each individual student to truly discover themselves within theatre, their place, purpose and skill-set that leads a path to new, exhilarating areas that had perhaps before been untouched”. Andrew Spooner (actor)


“Seeing his enthusiasm, passion and exuberant methods of teaching extrapolate the desired outcome from each student was and is a joy. He pushes against comfort zones, is demanding and expects the very best!” Ruth walker, (theatrical agent)


“Many can learn from his drive and focus. His enthusiasm is infectious and based solidly in knowledge and experience both as a practitioner and lecturer and enables him to approach complex areas of theory and practice from a variety of angles”Alex Purser (director)


“A selfless playful teacher, who always wants the best for his students, many thanks” Thomas Mcmahon (ex student)