Olivia Owens, voice teacher




Olivia is a voice coach for all professional voice users, specialising in singing and theatre performance.

Her teaching has a holistic style and approach. She is committed in being focused on the needs of each student/client/actor working sensitively and specifically with each person. With The Actor's Foundation she focuses on accents and dialects, practical voice, vocal care, singing and communications.


Olivia's proffessional resume:


Voice Lecturer: Arden Theatre School - The Manchester College, Manchester  current employment

Primary voice teacher for actors in training. Teaching practical voice, phonetics, accents and dialects and vocal care.


Voice Placement: Bird College London

Singing/ acting lessons, Head of Voice Dept, Liz Hetherington


Voice Teaching: Belfast, Northern Ireland

2 day voice workshop for actors on Linklater and Cicely Berry technique, dir Olivia Owens, The Crescent Arts Centre


Peripatetic teacher: Sacred Heart Primary School

Drama, singing and violin, principle Pat McParland, Dundrum, Co. Down


Voice Support: Arden Theatre School  - The Manchester College

Third Year Showcase, dir Paul Mitchell, Soho Theatre, London


Asst. Voice support: Birmingham School of Acting

Dolly West’s Kitchen, dir Gary, The Old Joint Stock Theatre


Voice Coach: Birmingham School of Acting

Bedlam, dir Louise Papillon, The Patricia Yardley Studio


Asst. Voice support: Birmingham School of Acting

The May Queen, dir John Adams,  Main house at the Crescent Theatre


Voice Observation: Birmingham School of Acting

Alls well that ends well,  dir Andrew Normington, The Patricia Yardley Stud